Participated in several courses at EAV Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro. Exhibits since 2007. She has participated in some collective project as the interference in the space of the Museum of the Republic, Rio de Janeiro in 2007, three acts of three artists, Galeria Eduardo Fernandes, São Paulo in 2009 and some solo shows as WHERE, gallery Durex, Rio de Janeiro in 2008 and Blue Series, hairstyle gallery in Campinas, 2010.

Her works remain on the border between drawing and photography, seeking not only to test the limits of each of these techniques, but above all, to inquire into the nature of our perception mechanisms.

Although the starting point is photography, her work is not a documentary work, the image is generated , photography and drawing come together in several layers of images and meanings, fragmenting and redistributing the space, creating a new landscape where the veracity of the photograph is to be questioned.