In the 1970s and 1980s, woodcutting emerged for Rubem Grilo not as a merely aesthetic, formal choice, but as a popular outreach technique that allows it to act politically. In line with this ideal is the option to illustrate periodicals and work with themes of Brazilian everyday life such as military dictatorship, bureaucracy, social security, the Constituent Assembly, the political system, etc. In this thematic choice, Grilo seeks to elaborate a direct communication, in which political criticism is accentuated by the approximation between text and image, as in Bureaucracy, 1979, Labor Relations, 1980, Civil Society, 1983, Golpe Militar, 1984. The tenuous trait and contrasted transfigures and recreates vigorous forms to occupy all spaces of the plane, without allowing any vanishing point that diverts the reader’s gaze from the image.

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