Rubem Ludolf graduated from the National School of Architecture in 1955, at the same time that he began attending Ivan Serpa’s classes in the free course of painting at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM / RJ) from 1955. In parallel to his activity as a plastic artist, Rubem Ludolf works as an architect.

He participates in five editions of the São Paulo International Biennial and is one of the members of the special room Arte Construída: a tribute to Waldemar Cordeiro, exhibited at the 12th edition of the show in 1973.

Ludolf creates abstract-geometric works in which he explores serial structures, rhythm, and optical effects, as occurs in Asymmetry Resulting from Symmetric Displacement, 1955 or in Near Square, 1957. In Ritmo, 1958, the structure is given by the line, by superimposition of the planes and by elements that tend to the graphic sign. In the 1960s, it began to replace concretist rigor with a painting characterized by brushstrokes that build plots of color.

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