ArcoMadrid 2018

ArcoMadrid | Bruno Vilela, Daniela Antonelli e Rodrigo Braga

Our proposition for the booth is to establish a dialogue between the works of the Brazilian artists Bruno Vilela (1977), Daniela Antonelli (1981) and Rodrigo Braga (1976). These young artists, besides coming from distant parts of the country, have in common their different experiences, relationship and its trades with Nature, from appropriation to communion. For this proposal, each of them explores a different media: painting, sculpture and photography. Hence, the result to be seen is a
vibrant dialogue evoking poetic universes, temporality and human-nature relationship.

Bruno Vilela is a painter from Recife, Northeast Brazilian coast. His works are generally canvases with intense colour palette and very skilfully drawn figures, creating gloomy atmospheres and characters filled with symbolic and iconographic resources from his research. For this project, we have selected a set of recent paintings which are the result of his current research on Botany and landscape. Made
during his immersion in Rio de Janeiro´s Atlantic Forest, he sketched and photographed many specimens of typical Brazilian flora.

Daniela Antonelli is a sculptress and drawer from Rio de Janeiro, Southeast Brazilian coast. She addresses this dialogue from a set of small sculptures, which touch upon the topic of ancestry and primitivism. All of the presented pieces are a combination of organic material, such as bones, stones, leather and seeds that the artist have found and collected herself. To create these juxtaposed compositions, Daniela appropriates these fragments from animal and natural sources, resulting in
pieces that are extremely fluid and sensual. She can intertwine an ox´s rib with a delicately polished soapstone approaching contemporary and primitive techniques with materials that would never been mingled by mere accident.

Rodrigo Braga is a multimedia artist that was born in Amazonas, Northern Brazil – a city in the heart of the Amazonian Tropical Forest. His major effort as an artist is to investigate cultural and ritualistic habits that illustrate human behaviour towards Nature and other animals. Recently he developed a large scale installation with boulders and logs, and also participated in monastic immersions at the north and northeast biomes. He also digitally and manually edits and assembles images from
animals with his own figure, thus creating a hybrid creature. As for the dialogue with the other artists, a set of photographs will endorse the proposed conversation by showing with rawness and beauty the communion and fusion of man in Nature.

Whilst the current theorists are discussing the cyborg second nature and the liquidity of the contemporary human relations, this trio of artists are on the opposite way. Their pieces are organic,dense and ancestral. Therefore, in the lit of the above mentioned, an interesting conversation with various layers of meaning and medias is built on issues of extreme importance in the contemporary world.