Anita Schwartz Art Gallery presents the exhibition “Grito e Paisagem” by Nuno Ramos (1960, São Paulo), one of the most celebrated artists of the contemporary scene, with new paintings and drawings in a large format. The paintings are made with petroleum jelly, beeswax, pigments, oil paint, fabrics, plastics and metals on wood.

On the gallery’s second exhibition floor will be drawings from the “Rocha de criitos” series (2017), in pastel, graphite and charcoal on paper, also in large format. The name of the series comes from a verse by Ungaretti: “Life is not, / Detained in the bottom of the throat, / That a rock of screams” (“Tudo Perdi”, in the publication “Daquela Estrela à Outra” de Campos and Aurora F. Bernardini, Ateliê Editorial Publishing House, 2004).

This is the first time that Nuno Ramos shows in Rio de Janeiro his paintings with vaseline and oil paint, in encaustic – millenarian technique of hot mixing of pigments and wax – research that highlighted him in the art scene in the 1980s, and that abandoned by the end of the following decade. From then on, the artist’s painting production was dedicated to his “reliefs”, immense masses of diverse materials that were thrown out of the support in a depth of up to four meters – that can be seen in the award winning individual “Dead Sea” , at the Anita Schwartz Art Gallery, in 2009.

This is the first exhibition in the gallery since “The Globe of Death of Everything” in 2012.